NeoRouter Professional v0.9.10 (beta) released
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Author:  administrator [ Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  NeoRouter Professional v0.9.10 (beta) released

We're very excited to announce that NeoRouter Professional v0.9.10.1650 beta is now available for download.

From this release, we split NeoRouter product into two editions - Free and Professionl - to meet the requirements from different users. Both of them share the same code base and solid core functionalities. However, they may contain different features and will be developed separately. The NeoRouter Free edition focuses on home users, who need a simple VPN solution; while NeoRouter Professional editions focuses on the business users, who have more requirements for security, customization and so on.

In this build we implemented a couple of new features for the business users and fixed some bugs.

Please read the notes before trying NeoRouter Pro if you have NeoRouter Free installed.

1. NeoRouter Pro will use its own database and cannot use the one created by NeoRouter Free, so after installing pro, you may see your list is empty and have to setup your NR network again.

2. The client/server applications from Free and Pro editions cannot communicate with another.

3. The language files used in 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 will not be recognized in the v0.9.10, as the resource files are upgraded. We will publish the latest resource files soon.

What's new

* Implemented sub-network feature
- one can create sub-networks in a NR virtual LAN by setting ACL. Computers in the same sub-network can see each other, but cannot see/access the computers in other sub-networks. The Network Explorer will give the user proper computer list in the sub-network defined by admin user.

* Improved ACL, added "block all" option
- which helps admin to set a computer hide/disabled for a specific user
- used for creating hub-and-spoke network

* Implemented custom branding feature
- one can use Configuration Explorer to customize the logo, banner and banner link displayed in the Network Explorer.

* Improved ACL management
- allow admin to copy ACL rule from another user

* Improved Computer Management
- allow admin to set default ACL which will be applied to the new registered computer
- allow admin to set ACL to multiple computers by copying ACL from another computer
- added "Description" field, which can help admin to group computers and simplify the ACL setting
- added refresh button

* Improved User management
- added "Description" field, which can help admin to group users and simplify the ACL setting and user management
- allow admin to preview the computer list of a user

* Improved installer to support silent mode
- the new installer supports the following options when upgrade the existing installation
/INSTTYPE=Update [/SILENTMODE=Yes|No /COMPONENT=Full|Server|Client

* Moved "client-to-client connection type" setting to the Network Explorer from Configuration Explorer

* Improved Mac OS X installer, changed package to .dmg format

* Improved Network Explorer
- allow one to add multiple computers to a group

* Fixed bugs related to CLI commands and add more new commands

* Improved UI entry functionalities

* Fixed bugs causing nrserver service hang when restart, uninstall

* Fixed bugs causing Network Explorer crashed in some cases

* Enable "disconnect & quit" option and set client connection type on Vista+

* Fixed bugs in the Windows installer when one specifies a domain using a non-default listening port

Thanks to our avid Beta Testers to help us discovered and fixed quite a few bugs.

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

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