NeoRouter Professional v1.2.0 released
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Author:  administrator [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  NeoRouter Professional v1.2.0 released

We're very excited to announce that NeoRouter Professional v1.2.0.2350 is now available for download.

In the past months, we keep improving the product and adding some very useful features, especially for those business users who need remotely manage amount of computers. This build includes all changes in NeoRouter Free edition and some extra functionalities, such as Packet Filtering, Auditing and so on.

What's new (comparing to v1.0.0)

* New products

- NeoRouter for Android. Android OS 1.6 or later is required. It supports most Android devices, including smartphones and tablets from HTC, Moto, LG, Samsung, Acer and so on.

- NeoRouter for FreeBSD. Supports both FreeBSD x86 and x64 (amd64). All FreeBSD based distros are supported as well.

- NeoRouter Client GUI for Mac OSX. It comes with add-ons for MS RDP client and VNC client

* New features in Professional edition

- Packet Filtering feature - allowing one filter/block broadcast/multicast and non-IP packets. One can use Configuration Explorer to specify the packet type need to filter out.

- Basic Auditing feature - allowing one audit user sign in / sign out and log the recoreds to file.

* Changes

- Optimized server to reduce resource usage and improved the performance to handle thousands clients concurrently

- Improved SSL libraries and removed the dependency to openssl library files on Linux

- Automatically close P2P tunnels when they stay idle

- Added default description for the new registered computer indicating the computer's owner

- Added "Server Local Address" option to solve the famous hairpin issue

- Added "Minimize at Startup" menu item in client for Windows

- Allow client delete a category with computers

- Added FreeBSD edition icons support in the computer list in Network Explorer for both Windows, Mac and Android

- Enabled P2P feature in NeoRouter Portable

- Merged USB/Portable edition to the NeoRouter Portable

- Allow NeoRotuer Portable save settings on a private computer

- Changed default skin for NeoRotuer Portable

- Added built-in add-ons: vnc client (tightvnc) and ssh client(putty)

- Changed shared folder add-on in MacUI to support cifs instead the old smb

- Enabled "check license" option in server CLI

- Added a new parameter in client CLI, allowing one register a computer in a single command
nrclientcmd -d [domain name] -u [user name] -p [password] -register

- Changed default net mask from to when installing a new server

- Allow server specify database path, so that multiple NR servers running on the same Windows machine

- Allow log files get split into small files

- Changed default logging mask to "Debug" level instead of "Trace" level

- Improved installer on Windows to support silent install/uninstall

- Removed "UPnP NAT settings" support for server for the security reason

- Removed software updater from the installation

* Bug fixes

- Fixed bug related to WOL in NRServer for in-a-box. It was not enable to wake up the computer in the same LAN as the NR Server router, but the computers behind the router.

- Fixed bug causing nrservice fail to start when the NIC ethX is missing on Linux.

- Fixed bug that nrclient failed to reconnect to the server when the network is busy

- Fixed bug that client may lost connection with NR client service

- Fixed bug that causes nrservice failed to parse the LANSegment value in Feature.ini. This may cause point-to-site VPN setup improperly

- Fixed MacUI to save encrypted password on the local Mac instead of plaintext

- Fixed bug in Configuration Explorer when close sign in window

- Fixed bug that cannot import jpg logo files

- Fixed bug that server cannot open database on a non-English version Windows

- Other small fixes related to installer, UI and so on


1. Before upgrading to the latest version, please backup the database under the main config folder first.

2. NR Pro v1.0 users do not need to apply the product key after upgrade to the latest version.

3. The latest version is backward compatible with NR Pro v1.0. But new features in the latest version may require upgrading both server and client software.

4. Tomato users may need to backup files under /jffs and restore them after upgrade the firmware, as the latest firmware is bigger enough to destroy the existing /jffs space.

Thanks to our avid Beta Testers to help us discovered and fixed quite a few bugs.

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

Author:  administrator [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NeoRouter Professional v1.2.0 released

We have just released NeoRouter Professional v1.2.0.2350.sp1 for server package on Linux distros (both i386 and x64), including CentOS, Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu.

This is a service pack for fixing the critical bug in the NeoRouter server on Linux platform. The bug may cause NeoRouter server fail to accept connections from NeoRouter clients. The bug was introduced in the v1.2.0.2350 and previous versions do not have the issue.

It's highly recommeded to upgrade the NeoRouter server on Linux to the new build.

Thanks to our avid Beta Testers to help us discovered and fixed quite a few bugs.

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

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