NeoRouter Professional v1.6.1 released
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Author:  administrator [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  NeoRouter Professional v1.6.1 released

We're very excited to announce that NeoRouter Professional v1.6.1.2900 is now available for download.

In this release we fixed some critical bugs reported since last build. We also added a few new features, especially IPv6 support. For more information, please see ... ome_en.pdf

What's new

* IPv6 support. NeoRouter can now support both IPv6 and IPv4 for underlying client-server connections and peer-to-peer connections. NeoRouter server and client can run on computers with public or NAT'd IPv4 address, computers with public IPv6 address, or computers with dual stacks. NeoRouter can connect these computers with various connection types into a virtual LAN and allow user to access them remotely.
Direct P2P connection can be established between two IPv4 computers or two IPv6 computers. Connection between an IPv4 only computer and an IPv6 only computer is relayed through NeoRouter server.
IPv6 is supported on all platforms except for Android and Tomato firmware.

* Full View and Personalized View of computer list. With Full View enabled, one can see the full computer list and new computer will be added to the list automatically. One can easily switch between those views.

* Implemented incoming connection throttle feature in NeoRouter Server and optimized sign in module to void high CPU usage when hundreds clients try to connect to the server.

* Allowed NeoRouter Mesh clients (all versions) to connect to NeoRouter Pro server and Pro clients can access NeoRouter Mesh as well.

* Use the Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC) instead of local date time in the logging and auditing.

* Updated Android build to use NDK r5c. See

* Inline proxy setting parameter support in nrclientcmd (all versions)
-setproxy: set proxy information.
optional parameters: [noproxy]|[http|socks4|socks5,ip,port,auth|noauth,[username],[password]]

Bug fixes

* Fixed critical bug that may cause NeoRouter client hang while signing in

* Fixed bug that may cause Operating System accounts fail to sign in after the account information has been modified by Configuration Explorer. This issue may happen on Linux, Mac, FreeBSD and in-a-box versions.

* Fixed bug that may cause add-ons disappeared in Network Explorer

* Fixed bug which may cause stuck signing in after computer reboot (Windows client ONLY)

* Fixed bug which may cause client service for Linux crash when logging enabled

* Fixed bug that NicInterfaceName value in Feature.ini does not work properly on FreeBSD

* Other small fixes related to UI and so on

Thanks to our avid Beta Testers to help us discovered and fixed quite a few bugs.

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

Author:  administrator [ Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NeoRouter Professional v1.6.1 released

The NeoRouter Professional/Free/Mesh for Android v1.6.1.2900 are now available on Amazon app store. ... er&x=0&y=0

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

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