0x8007006b error, and can't login from anywhere
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Author:  jgatkinsn [ Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  0x8007006b error, and can't login from anywhere

I was working fine until I had problem with my router not saving my port forwarding information on reset. Basically, I was blocked. I got that all working and made sure that I could successfully test from the dashboard. I went ahead and updated clients and server to 1.3.0 when I got a message from my NeoRouter Explorer that an update was available. I rebooted the server.

Now, I keep getting "Cannot connect to neorouter server due to error 0x8007006b. Automatically retry" from inside my Ubuntu 10.04 server when I try to login from the command line. I don't know how to specify private ip ( from command line.

Also, if I try to log in from anywhere, outside, inside, private ip, public ip, from my Windows and Android clients, it says the username and password don't match.

I triple checked that they do match, because that's how I get onto the system normally.

I'm flailing now, and I need some help.

Author:  jgatkinsn [ Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 0x8007006b error, and can't login from anywhere

Okay, I did find a password issue. But now, I can't login through the linux clients. I don't know how to specify the ip address when using nrclientcmd, and nrclientcmd --help doesn't tell me how. I assume it's a hairpin issue. The windows client at least lets me set an ip address.

Author:  kevinz [ Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 0x8007006b error, and can't login from anywhere

Hi jgatkinsn,

When nrclinetcmd asks you for "Domain:", you can input either IP or NeoRouter domain name. You can also specify the IP:port if you are not using the default port 32976.

KevinZ - NeoRouter team

Author:  mcheavens [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 0x8007006b error, and can't login from anywhere

Another cause of this that caused me to pull out my hair (last night) is if two computers are trying to log in at the same time that were imaged (duplicated machines). When the client.xml file is built it uses the MAC address of the NIC. If that HD is moved to another PC and then a new instance of neorouter is configured on the original PC and the "old" drive is still in use on another PC it will cause this error and ping/pong of log in/out from both machines!

The NRServer will be confused as well. Just thought I would share if anyone else builds lots of PC's this might happen to you.

In this specific case I am using NRServer (free), and both "clients" were on RaspberryPi's. A complete Pi SD card was built and sent to a remote user (just a copy of an SD image, that was built and configured on "Pi#1" and the image was running on Pi#2. When I built a new image from scratch (not a copy of the first) and installed/configured "NewPi#1" it then of course had the same ID in Client.xml as the RUNNING nrclient on Pi#2.

Normally on "master" images I do not run nrclientcmd until It is on the final computer, but in this case I was fixing a bad SD card from remote.


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