Server online in Network Explorer, but cannot be pinged
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Author:  Penryn [ Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Server online in Network Explorer, but cannot be pinged

EDIT: I think this is related:

I've been a mostly happy Neorouter user for awhile now, however I cannot get this to work:

I have NeoRouter server installed on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 14.04). It is also running the Neorouter client. Both processes show up if I run
ps -ax | grep nr

In the Network Explorer, the server is "online" when its NeoRouter client is running. However no client can ping the server on its NeoRouter address. Likewise, the server cannot ping any NeoRouter clients on their NeoRouter addresses. But all my other clients can ping each other fine across NeoRouter.

I noticed on one of my other Linux clients there is a NIC called "nrtap" but the server lacks this NIC (yet all other NeoRouter connections work fine from client to client). I therefore added the line to specify my NIC to /usr/local/ZebraNetworkSystems/NeoRouter/Feature.ini :

I have restarted the server and client several times to no avail. Do I have to do something special to install the nrtap interface on my server?

My iptables and firewall lists are empty.


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