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 Post subject: Win 7 file server sporadically refusing remote access
PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:01 pm 

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On Win 7 sometimes refusing remote logins, I have several computers at home, running Win XP, Win 7, Win 10, and half a dozen varieties of Linux. All of them have NeoRouter, which works on all of them. Across town at work, we have two file servers, Havana and Dominica.

Today we have been in one of those situations when Dominica (which runs Win 10 and shares JGonly via NeoRouter) has been OK, but Havana (which runs Win 7 and shares Edrive and Fdrive via NeoRouter) has been refusing logins.

I have found that my Win XP computers and Linux computers can NOT access Edrive/Fdrive today, but that Win 7 and Win 10 computers CAN access Edrive/Fdrive anyway, while all four varieties of computer (XP, 7, 10 and Linux) CAN access Dominica (JGonly) today.

This proves that the problem is Microsoft's. Somehow, accidentally (i.e. a bug) or by design (i.e. malice), Win 7 refuses logins from Win XP and Linux remote computers while continuing to accept remote logins from Win 7 and Win 10 computers.

Does this happen all the time? No, usually only when the Win 7 file server (Havana) has pending updates.

When there are no pending updates for Havana, then it accepts remote logins from Linux and (as expected) from Win 10 computers -- I have not tried Win 7 and Win XP connecting to Havana under this condition, but would expect no problem.

The problem is definitely a refusal of logins, not some obscure network problem -- just a login problem. This shows no error message on the remote Linux computer except "timed out", but DOES show an error message on Win XP, something like, "This computer has no access rights (to Havana), check with your system administrator." This shows that Havana is refusing the legitimacy of a login attempt from the remote Win XP or Linux computer under a condition (pending updates) when it continues to accept remote logins from Win 7 and Win 10 computers.

Has this problem always existed? No, it is of recent origin. In years past, Win 7 was rock solid with remote access via NeoRouter by all computers, pending updates or not. I suspect that Microsoft's apparent attempts to backport some Win 10 features to Win 7 computers is the source of this problem, given its recent (last few months) appearance.

Thus, I would hazard a guess that users of other VPNs than NeoRouter might be encountering the same problem.

I post this just in case other people are having similar problems. I do not plan to even bother complaining to Microsoft, but to just replace the Win 7 file server with either Win 10 or Linux in the next couple of days. Preferably Linux, the chaos and gyrations caused by Win 10 over the last few months have settled down a lot, but have left a bad taste in my mouth.

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