Problems With Port Forwarding to LAN
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Author:  MartinH [ Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Problems With Port Forwarding to LAN

I have a remote PC that I connect to with RDP using Neorouter. That PC has an IP camera connected to it and I’m trying to connect to that camera remotely to pull a stream from ports 554 and/or 1935 using Neorouter. The addresses involved are for the PC on the Neorouter network and for the IP camera on the LAN. I have opened up 554 and 1935 on Windows Firewall and have set up port forwarding using netsh which seems to be running properly:
PS C:\Windows\system32> netsh interface portproxy show all

Listen on ipv4:             Connect to ipv4:

Address         Port        Address         Port
--------------- ----------  --------------- ----------        554     554        1935     1935

PS C:\Windows\system32>
When I try to connect to port 3554 or 1935 using test-netconnection, even on the PC itself, it fails though is working fine on both ports. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong here?

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