Open port 65510 for Windows Server
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Author:  dweeb [ Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Open port 65510 for Windows Server

For those that need to install the Windows Server Connector over NR, you may need to add port 65510 to the NR firewall (TCP 65510) for the Windows server.
I ran across this issue after installing a Windows Home Server 2011 box and attempting to deploy the WHS 2011 client/server backup functionality to several remote workstations. The connector software is installed via a browser using the URL of <servername>/connect. It failed to find the server until I opened that port in the NR firewall for the specific user.

More Info: ... ort-2.aspx

Author:  dweeb [ Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Open port 65510 for Windows Server

Just a follow-up on the ports for WHS 2011. The following is the full list of firewall ports that I have open in NR to support remote Windows client connectivity, not sure I need all six, but it's working for me.

TCP 65500 (Certificate web service)
TCP 65510 (Client computer deployment website)
TCP 65515 (Client computer deployment website)
TCP 65532 (Provider framework for server loopback communications)
TCP 6602 (Provider framework for communication between the server and client computers.)
TCP 8912 (Client computer backup)

Others that I found documented but did not need open at this time:

UDP 137 (File and Print Sharing)
TCP 139 (File and Print Sharing)
TCP 445 (File and Print Sharing)
TCP 1138 (Windows Home Server Transport Service)
TCP 55000 (HTTP)
TCP 56000 (HTTPS)
TCP 65520 (Web service for Mac client computers)

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