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 Post subject: Level scaling is a little bit different in Fallout 76
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With the right Perk Card, you can start to target specific areas of the body, and any shot you land will fill the critical meter.Level scaling is a little bit different in Fallout 76, with Bloatflies and Molerats being much tougher to beat, but killing them is a great way to farm XP early on. Don’t get cocky and try and take on a Scorchbeast on your own when you’re a low level, though, because the results are just sad.

Once you’ve reached level 5, other players can start to attack you and it can be relentless. If someone shoots you and you don’t retaliate, you’ll take reduced damage and if they kill you, there will be a significant murderer debuff on their account for a few hours as well as a bounty on their head. Players will be able to see the murderer and claim a substantial reward if they take you down.

You can reenable Pacifist mode to ensure you don’t accidentally shoot another player, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shoot you. You can hope that a kind stranger will revive you with a Stimpack or one of their Perk abilities. If you receive further damage whilst in a downed state, you’ll die and leave behind a death bag filled with your junk. You do get a quest to retrieve your lost gear and placing a CAMP near any potentially challenge location mitigates the risk of losing your stuff.You can also resort to dropping a nuke on someone, but that’s a bit far, surely.

Workbenches are all over the shop in Fallout 76 and can be built at your CAMP, so you can make food, craft ammo and come up with some bizarre chemical concoctions.This feature is severely limited by the “someone else is using this” feature that we hope will be patched out because there’s always some absolute bass who won’t move and you end up queuing like you’re in The Division.

Always build a Vault-Tec Stash to store your junk in so it’s on hand when crafting. As we said earlier, it’s a good idea to try and pick up everything you can but it’s also worthwhile looking for key elements and hoarding them as opposed to a manic free for all.You can spend a few caps to send all your junk to your stash, providing the stash isn’t full, or head back and deposit it yourself.

Blueprints can be placed to save your CAMP layout, which is useful if you’ve spent a lot of time and resources building the CAMP of your dreams and don’t want to have to meticulously place things again should you choose to move.Some players have encountered issues with this throughout the beta and have found that their blueprints have been deleted, so take this advice with a pinch of salt for now.

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