Very strange problem with IP Camera
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Author:  calloatti [ Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Very strange problem with IP Camera

I have a very strange problem involving NeoRouter and a IP Camera. This is the setup:


Neorouter Server in computer 1A
Neorouter client in computer 2A

IP Camera client software in computer 2


NeoRouter client in Computer 1B
IP Camera connected by wifi to the local network with a fixed local IP.

The IP Camera automatically adds its port the the NAT table of the router (I guess using UPNP)

The IP Camera has an unique serial number

In the site A camera client software you add cameras by entering this unique camera serial number.

I guess the camera and the client software contact some server, the camera to report its public IP, and the client software to get the camera public IP using the unique serial number.

The problem: As soon as I connect to the camera using the client software, after a few seconds SITE B NeoRouter loses conection, ping to the NeoRouter address from SITE A to SITE B stops working.

When I close the IP Camera client software in SITE A, the NeoRouter connection in site B goes back up after a couple of minutes.

I have done this dozens of times to check that there is really a cause and effect problem happening. By now I am shure there is.

Any ideas where and how to start trying to solve this?

EDIT: Are the chinese spying on me? :)

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