One node busy slows/disconnects all others?
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Author:  ript [ Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  One node busy slows/disconnects all others?

I have server in a data center with 1Gb connection. I have it backup over neo router to my local pc's at work and home.
Right now its sending data to work pc at 5mb. Work download speed is 12mb. So one, its slower than the max possible, but more importantly when that back up runs, pings to the data center nrclient/server from ALL other clients at home and work eithier times out or is 10sec or more. Can not coonect to any other service on any other nrclient.

So why is a 5mb load from data center nrclient/server combo to a work nrclient slowing down pings for all nrclients at home? more than slowing down, no connection actually.

Love the product, this has just been a problem for a while now. Can not find solution. Does neorouter not see that pings are huge and try a different route? like if its connected p2p and that peer becomes saturated, does it not try to connect to another peer or go directly to the server? Meaning if my work pc is busy, my home pc may be routed through work, but once pings increase, does it not retry to connect to another/faster/llower ping nrclient or directly to server??

In attahced screen shot.
Top right is iftop from the server on which is running server and client. ABout 5mb running to which is nrclient at work.
Left 2 windows are trying to ping from home to the datacenter server on And to also ping a VM running on the same server at FAIL.
Bottom right window is home pc trying to ping another home pc on the same lan at FAIL.


Screenshot from 2014-12-19.png
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Author:  rldleblanc [ Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: One node busy slows/disconnects all others?

I'm encountering a similar issue. From what I understand, if you are running iptables on your server, then P2P won't work and every packet has to go through your server. This is causing me issues with my 1 Mb uplink (I'd like to backup to my work machine, then backup from there to my father's house across the country so I'm not constantly saturating my uplink and can finish my backups within a day). I've tried prioritizing packets with tc and I can't find a good way to determine which packets inside the VPN are ICMP and SSH (low delay) from the outside to put them in the front of the line. In my post titled "NeoRouter Packet Prioritization" in the General Discussion, I go into a little more detail.

If they are able to get P2P working, then I can at least lower the priority of the machines that do the bulk traffic because then I'll be able to prioritize them as they go through the NAT (right now they are destined for the router and get recreated so I can't mark them for prioritization later in the chains). The other option, which I think would be very difficult, is to remark the relayed packets with the marks it had before. I think this would be hard because the OS strips all that stuff off before handing it to the app.

If I have backups from both my servers going at once, they saturate the line and pings suck really bad and clients can't connect to the server. I think the control packets should at least set COS to low delay, that would help a lot, even if people don't don't get as complex as I do, a lot of networks behave and support COS. If I only run one server and limit it to 80KB/s, my pings are fine (not great), and things work OK (again not great).

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