Network limited? Ubuntu, Nrfee latest
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Author:  scotkw [ Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Network limited? Ubuntu, Nrfee latest

I have a server in a data center with 1Gbit port. But neorouter only downloads to home desktop at around 5-6 mbit. Home connection is crappy dsl but its max is 12mbit. shows 12.6mbit Server has nrserver installed and nrclient installed.
In attached screen shot. Forgive me for my Obama quality of photoshoping.
Box A is SSH terminal window of the nrclient on the server - ip showing outgoing at 5.3mbit.
Box B is desktop showing incoming at 4.6mbit. So that difference in bandwidth is normal due to encryption.
What I dont get is is why is it not closer to 10-12 mbit. The max for the incoming desktop connection?

Interesting pings...
Box C is ping to server public ip from the desktop. It stays low. if DSL was maxed out, that would increase a lot.
Box D shows ping to nrtap on server from desktop. NOTE that ping. 2000 ms. So nrtap connection is maxed out but DSL isnt?

Ever more interesting, the graph in middle. Shows incoming nearly maxed out at 10mbit. Which would be normal if both Box A and B showed 10mbit. But they are half that bandwidth.

Been trying to find the issue, if there is one. Many installs of nrlcient and server on many different machines. Many attempts at p2p and relayed through server. Nothing ever changes the 6mbit limit with which the server can send to multiple other pc's.

SO how is iftop showing 5-6 mbit, system graph showing 10mbit, but DSL pings dont increase, only nrtap pings increase?
Great software, just wish my backups where faster.

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