Ubuntu server doesn't work
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Author:  vtvz [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Ubuntu server doesn't work

My OS - Ubuntu 14.04 64x. Firewall is off.

- I downloaded nrserver-
$ sudo dpkg -i nrserver-
- All dependencies right
- Then
$ sudo nrsetup
NeoRouter Server Install Wizard
Copyright (C) 2015 NeoRouter Inc.

*** Please run this command as root ***

Step 1 - Setup NeoRouter Domain:
    NeoRouter domain name uniquely identifies your NeoRouter server, and is required to login NeoRouter client.
    Do you already have a NeoRouter domain(y/n): y
    Please enter domain info.
    Enter domain name: vtvz
    Enter domain password:
    Domain setup succeeded.

Step 2 - Setup Administrator Account:
    Administrator account already exists.
    Administrator account setup skipped.

Step 3 - Setup Port Forward as necessary:
    NeoRouter server listens at port 32976. Please make sure it can receive incoming connections from Internet. If NeoRouter server is behind a NAT, please setup port forward. You can use ****:***** to verify the settings.

NeoRouter Server Setup succeeded.
    You can make additional configuration changes using Configuration Explorer or nrserver CLI.
    You can find more information in User's Manual (****:*****

Okey. I went to dashboard and see that:
Domain Name:   vtvz
Domain Type:   Standalone
Server Public IPv4 Address:
Server Public IPv6 Address:   N/A
Server Listening Port:   32976
Product Edition:   N/A
Number of Licenses:   N/A
Server Version:   N/A
Contact Person:   Vitaliy Zaslavskiy
Last Update Time(UTC):   

Then I pressed "Test" and saw this:
The address "" is closed and the NeoRouter Server cannot be used at this time

Why? What did I wrong?

Author:  kevinz [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ubuntu server doesn't work

Hi vtvz,

You may want to open the port 32976/tcp to the Internet, so that NR clients/dashboard test can connect to your NR server. Usually you can either setup firewall or your router and map the port 32976/tcp to your NR server machine.

KevinZ - NeoRouter team

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