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 Post subject: mail command not working on vm ware
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:23 am 

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i have install a vm ware on my windows pc then i install linux on my vm player 12 pro after that I am trying to run a mail command from my Linux box and it does not seem to send any emails..

# mail -s Test

There are no entried regarding any email attempt from teh box in /var/log messages...

What am I missing?

send mail process is running..

 Post subject: Re: mail command not working on vm ware
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:05 am 

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In android ,To troubleshoot the issue, complete the following steps:

Get a screenshot from Virtual Center → Administration → VirtualCenter Management Server Configuration → Mail.

The server is configured with an IP address. The sender name is also configured as

This looks OK.

Look at the output from the ping command between the VC server and the mail server.

Use the same host name for the mail server as specified in step 1.

This is working without issues.

Look at the output from the telnet command opening port 25 on the mail server.

telnet <name_mail_server> 25

The mail server is correctly responding with:

220 <hostname> ESMTP Postfix

Go to Virtual Center → Alarms → Definitions.

Right-click the alarms and choose Edit Settings….

Send screenshots from all four tabs, in particular the Actions tab, where the action for sending a mail is configured.

This is also configured correctly. The alarm is configured to be sent to a particular mail address.

Try to send a mail manually from the command window on the Virtual Center server.

This is to telnet into the mail server via port 25 and type the sender, recipient, mail body, and so on manually.

You will find many descriptions of how to do that on the web, one example is the Telnet - SMTP Commands (sending mail using telnet) web page. Click here to view the "Telnet - SMTP Commands (sending mail using telnet)"
This works and mail is delivered.

The following error message was found in the logs:

[2009-09-03 10:50:35.921 'App' 5176 error] [VpxdMail] Failed to send the mail to SMTP server <hostname> at port 25. Error=Error de transporte en la conexión al servidor.
This translates to: Transport error during connection to the server.

[2009-09-03 11:06:27.953 'App' 5176 error] [VpxdMail] Failed to send the mail to SMTP server <IP_address> at port 25. Error=No se pudo enviar el mensaje al servidor SMTP. El código de error de transporte fue 0x800ccc15. La respuesta del servidor fue not available
This translates to: The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x800ccc15. The server response was not available.

It seems to be an error on the mail server side.

Or maybe it is not an error, but a configuration that is missing.

On the VC server, verify the following:

In the telnet <host> 25 output, the server greets as FQDN_of_mailserver.

But in the SMTP server configuration in VC, the IP address is given.

Try in the configuration FQDN_of_mailserver.

Try to send the email manually again from the command line. But this time, use telnet FQDN_of_mailserver 25.

Check if the correct IP address is used when you ping FQDN_of_mailserver.

Make sure that name resolution is working on the vCenter server.

Check if the mail server is allowed to relay messages from the vCenter server.

It is possible that the sender mail address or the VC IP address needs to be configured on the mail server that is allowed to relay messages for them.

It looks like user@domain is allowed to send messages, but maybe the IP address of the VC server must also be configured in the relay settings.

The customer can consult their mail admin to clarify this.

The customer has reviewed the configuration as mentioned, and they have changed the IP address in the server configuration to the host name, and now the sending of alerts is working properly.

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