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How to install NeoRouter on Fonera 2.0N

Fonera 2.0N (FON2303) combines all of FON’s revolutionary WiFi sharing and money making features with 802.11n wireless technology, delivering faster connection speeds and more WiFi reach. It comes with the firmware The hardware spec is as following:

  • System-On-Chip Ralink 300MHz (mipsel)
  • Flash size 8 MB
  • RAM 64 MiB
  • Wireless Integrated Ralink 802.11n
  • Ethernet 1+4 RJ45
  • Ralink USB 2.0/1.1

Since Fonera 2.0N provides enough RAM, we can install and run both NeoRouter server and client on the box. Because of the plugin's limitation, NeoRouter server is released as a standard FON plugin and can be installed through the "Application" interface; while the NeoRouter client is released as a tgz package, which can be run from a USB drive or a shared folder.

1. Preparation

FON publishes two kinds of firmwares for Fonera 2.0N, one for development and another for production. We recommend the development firmware, which can be downloaded from here. The reasons are 1)The development firmware supports ssh, which is easier for us to setup the NeoRouter client; 2)The production firmware does not provide enough flash space for installing the NeoRouter server and all related libraries.

Please check your firmware version and flush it with the development firmware. For more information on upgrade the firmware, refer to here.

2. Install NeoRouter Server

  • Download the NeoRouter Server for Fonera 2.0N (FON Plugin) package from our download website.
  • Open your browser and log on to your Fonera web interface. By default, it's
  • Go to the page: "Dashboard" >> "Applications"

Make sure there is about 1.3MB free space left on the device.

  • Click on the "Browse..." button and choose the NeoRouter package you downloaded, then click on the "Upgrade" button.

It may take about 10 seconds to install the package and it will refresh the page when it is finished. Don't go to other pages while installing, or it may not be installed properly.

  • After installation, you will see:

  • Now, go to the "Dashboard" page, you will see:

  • Done. Clicking on the "NeoRouter Server" icon, you will be brought to our website, so that you can download the NeoRouter client software and configure the NeoRouter server running on the box.

3. Setup Domain and User Accounts

Please see here for more details.

Change listening port

By default, it opens the port 32976 by changing the firewall rule, so that NR Client can connect to the server. If you change the listening port to a different port, for example: 443, you may want to fix the firewall rule manually.

# set firewall
echo "/usr/sbin/iptables -A input_daemon -p tcp --dport 443 -j  zone_wan_ACCEPT">>/etc/firewall.fon
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

4. Install NeoRouter Client

As Fonera 2.0N does not provide enough space for installing the NeoRouter client package, we can run it from a USB drive or a shared folder. If you really want to install it, please use the NeoRouter Client for OpenWrt Kamikaze v8.09 package, which can be downloaded from our website.

  • Download NeoRouter Client for Fonera 2.0N package from our website.
  • Copy it to your USB drive or the shared folder and connect the USB drive to your box or mount the shared folder to your box.
  • Use ssh to log on to the box.
  • Go to the folder where the file is stored.
  • Extract files
  > tar zxvf nrclient-
  • If you didn't install the NeoRouter server plugin for FON, then
  > cp /usr/lib/
  > ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
  If you have installed, please ignore this step.
  • Setup NeoRouter Client
  > mkdir /usr/local/ZebraNetworkSystems/NeoRouter/
  > ./nrservice &
  > ./nrclientcmd
    Follow the instruction to register the Fonera 2.0N box to your server.
  • Because of the firewall, the NeoRouter client cannot create P2P connection to other computers in the NeoRouter network, instead of use Relay mode. You can set proper firewall rules to make it work.
  • Done.

Run as a service

Assume you have a copy of the nrservice under the folder /usr/bin/nrservice. If it is in a different folder, please modify the scripts properly.

  • Make sure

a. The folder /usr/local/ZebraNetworkSystems/NeoRouter/ exits; if it does not exit, please create one.

b. Run nrclientcmd and sign in successfully at lease once, so that it will store the register information to the folder above and nrservice can connect to the nrserver automatically.

  • Create a script for checking nrservice process

vi /usr/bin/nrcronclient


if [ -z $(ps | grep nrservice | grep -v grep) ]; then
  /usr/bin/nrservice >/dev/null &

exit 0

chmod 755 /usr/bin/nrcronclient

  • Add a new entry to fonstate

/etc/init.d/fonstate stop

vi /etc/config/fonstate

config fontimer
       option action   "/usr/bin/nrcronclient"
       option period   30

/etc/init.d/fonstate start

La Fonera+ support

For more information about NeoRouter for La Fonera+, check out See Instructions for La Fonera+