NeoRouter Professional v2.2.0 released
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Author:  administrator [ Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  NeoRouter Professional v2.2.0 released

We're very excited to announce that NeoRouter Professional v2.2.0.4320 is now available for download.

What's new

* Both NeoRouter client and server support OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment (brcm47xx/ar71xx/x86)

* NeoRouter Network Explorer for Linux and FreeBSD

The new NeoRouter GUI client provides the similar look & feel and features as the Windows/Mac edition client, that supports computer list management, add-ons management and so on. It runs on all supported Linux distros and FreeBSD. To launch the application, simply run the command "". The JRE 1.6+ is required.

* Show Android devices in the computer list in all editions of NeoRouter clients
NeoRouter implemented native VPN on Android 4.0+ devices, that can be access from any other PC/devices in the NeoRouter network.

* Customize virtual IP address (static IP address)
One can specify/change the virtual IP address assigned to a device/PC using NeoRouter Configuration Explorer, Web Console and CLI (-setvip / -showvip).

* Added feature option to control NeoRouter client retry P2P connection.
TunnelP2PRetryInterval (default value: 0; suggested value: 10*60)

* Added AutoRun Configuration menu item to NeoRouter Portable
Enhanced and integrated AutoRun tool into NeoRouter Portable

Bug fixes

* Improved "WebGateway" feature option.
a. When disabled (WebGateway=0), NeoRouter server will not response to web request
b. Removed "NeoRouter Server" tag from the NeoRouter server web response

Thanks to our avid Beta Testers to help us discovered and fixed quite a few bugs.

Feel free to download it and tell us what you think.

NeoRouter Team

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