Client losing connection on one system
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Author:  GreywolfComputer [ Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Client losing connection on one system


I have been using NeoRouter Free for quite some time, several years in this particular network, and it has been fine. I have a Linux server which is running only the Server component. The clients are various versions of Windows OS which all connect to the Linux Server from various locations. Two of the boxes are Server 2012 at one location. One is a terminal server which accepts Remote Desktop Client connections. For about the last month, the terminal server will not be available on the NeoRouter network even though it shows connected in NeoRouter. Any other computer will be accessible (shares or remote desktop or pings depending on the computer) but the only way to access the terminal server is to restart its NeoRouter service. Then it will work fine for awhile. It might disconnect several times in a day or once in a week. I can't find any pattern or reason. I changed the connection setting to "create a direct peer-to-peer tcp" and it seemed to help some, but didn't resolve the problem.

Any ideas?

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