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 Post subject: Questions about the app
PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:28 pm 

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I am thinking about downloading and using your product. As I understand it, your product can either set up VNC or VPN connection from a remote computer to a host computer. This is what I want to be able to do, remote in and take control of a computer on my home network. Also, I understand it does this 2 ways, either as a direct connection between the computers, or through your server? I would rather be able to set up the direct connection, and need to know if I can do this in my special situation

My special situation is this. I have internet access through high speed wireless modem via towers my ISP has set up around the area. They use NAT routing, with one regular IP address for the wireless network, and then all the wireless customers on NAT behind this. I know the regular IP address of the wireless network. I know the NAT address of my modem here at home. I know the IP address of the router in the house. I don't know if the router supports UPnP or not, but I know how to set up port forwarding on the router for an application if I need to. And I know how to give my computers assigned IP's on the home router if I need to. My questions are:

Can your application handle all this so that I can get a connection from the outside via the Internet?
And, if it can do that, can I still set up a direct connection between the remote computer and the host computer at home?


P.S. I can get a dynamic dns through or some other service of this type if I need to.

 Post subject: Re: Questions about the app
PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:13 pm 

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Hi SteveH,

Thanks for your interests in NeoRouter.

I'd say Yes and No, it depends on your network environment.

If I understand correctly, your current network structure looks like this:

Public Internet <--> ISP wireless router (NAT) <--> home router (NAT) <--> computers

It's so called double-NAT. To make NeoRouter work, you will need to expose the NeoRouter server (port 32976 or you can specify any one you want) to the public Internet, so that NeoRouter clients can find it.

There are several solutions:
1. If you can do a port forward setting on the ISP router, then it will work, as all packets sent to NeoRouter server can be routed to your home router (you can do port forward or UPnP), then to your home computers.
In this case, all your NeoRouter clients can communicate directly (Peer-to-peer).

2. If you want to setup a NeoRouter server outside the ISP router, for example, at your friends house, then everything will work well.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

NeoRouter team

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