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 Post subject: No access from Linux client to other neorouter clients
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:58 pm 

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Edited after further testing:

On changing an individual computers 'Default User" permissions to 'Firewalled' vs 'Block All', I can access from my RaspberryPi to that one computer on the firewall-allowed port 22. Even though I have logged into the RasberryPI using nrclientcmd as the admin user that has full permission, I am treated as the 'Default User' instead of the admin user. Is this because there isn't actually a gui-client for linux? I mean, the nrclientcmd is not actually doing anything regarding the peer to peer relationship and my session is still an anonymous 'Default User' from the other peer's point of view?

If so, I'd like to add my request that there be a way to have a peer to peer session with the neorouter user permissions from a linux box. Because many of the clients are with different customers I can not allow even firewall access for the default user, I need that as 'Block All'.

I don't really need a GUI client, just need to be given the permissions of the neorouter user I've logged in as. I can see how this would be difficult, but it would be so useful. Thank you.

=======original post below================
Server Version 1.63.x
Client Versions: 1.63.x

I mostly use a mac client to access all my linux servers in the field. This works perfectly. We have a 256 license of NeoRouter Pro. On each version of Neorouter, the client for Linux has never been able to access other servers even when I login using nrclientcmd using the same userid as from my mac. From the same user id that works from the mac, I can also use putty from a windows XP/7/8 desktop and access all other clients. I am using a neorouter login id with admin role assigned.

The default user is setup with 'BlockAll' on all computers. The admin account is setup on each computer with no firewall. From mac and windows desktops using this admin account I can ping, ssh, view shared files on all the servers. But with a linux desktop it is as though 'BlockAll' is being applied, no ping response or any other ports are accessible. I've tried this from every version of linux we have installed, Ubuntu 8.04 to 12.04, debian, rasberryPi, Redhat Enterprise 5 and 6, Centos 5 and 6.

Could there be some setting in my neorouter firewall that is blocking just linux clients?

Thanks in advance, neorouter has been making my work easier for many years now.


 Post subject: Re: No access from Linux client to other neorouter clients
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:06 pm 

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Hi JeffAtET,

I'm not sure if I fully understood your issue, as you didn't give the actual example how do you determine you are treated as "default user" instead of admin.

nrclientcmd does the same job as clientUI. When you sign in under a userA, you will be granted with the permission of userA. Let's say before sign in, Default user can only access computerA at port 22; after sign in as userA, who has permission to access port 22/tcp; 80/tcp and so on, you can now from the current computer to access 22/80/.. of computerA. If you sign out and fall back to default user, you cannot access 80/tcp anymore.

Generally you may want to create a user for each customer, who may have multiple computers. Then set default user to Block ALL, so you actually create several subnets, each subnet for a customer. Those customer can see their own computers after sign in, but they cannot see others'. You can create an admin user, who can access all computers, to manage them.

KevinZ - NeoRouter team

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